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Pair Art Deco Lights with Glass Diffuser - 793

Product Code: 793

This a wonderful pair of Art Deco Lights with glass diffusers are from the heart of the Art Deco Movement. They are a pale cream in colour and would be prefect for a breakfast bar, passage way or to add a bit of 'glam' to a bathroom. Made from quality cased glass, the glass diffusers at the bottom are detachable and allow for an easy change of globes. More importantly, the diffusers spread the light evenly and intensify the light. Diffusers are a wonderful 'hangover' from the era before electric lighting when gas lights were dim and the light needed to be intinsified. Now, just great fro energy saving.

Drop 630mm- 25 inches  (adjustable on replacement chrom rods) Longer rods available on request.


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